Company Profile


“We Create a Sustainable Future.“
DS Dansuk leaps to become a global resource recycling company.
we would like to thank all our stakeholders for their unwavering trust and support.
‘Dansuk Industry,’ which started as ‘Nobel Chemical Industry Corporation’ in 1965, is now opening a new future with a new name of ‘DS Dansuk’ and with the ambition to become a global leader. DS Dansuk, a resource recycling company that operates bioenergy, battery, and plastic recycling businesses, promises to build a more diversified new business model and secure corporate sustainability and future growth engines together.
Last year, despite global uncertainties, DS Dansuk achieved excellent business results, with sales exceeding KRW 1 trillion and exports exceeding USD 300 million. This could be proof that DS Dansuk’s management capabilities and the eco-friendly business portfolio it pursues have the fundamental ability to overcome market volatility. This year, DS Dansuk will continue to be a company that finds opportunities and provides solutions during crises.
In addition, the ongoing climate crisis is imposing the challenge of carbon neutrality on all countries and companies. DS Dansuk will strengthen its business characteristics of recycling waste resources and advance energy saving and greenhouse gas and pollutant reduction activities. In particular, we will conduct a formal assessment (LCA) of the environmental impact of our products throughout the entire process to discover more practical improvement points.
DS Dansuk is also committed to creating social values. We prioritize environmental safety and security, coexistence with partners, and engagement in social contribution activities while aiming to be a company where all executives and employees grow together. In addition, in the governance area, we are enhancing the capabilities of the board of directors, including the appointment of outside directors in 2023, and in the area of ethical management, we are building a system that goes beyond declarations and puts them into practice.
To all stakeholders who are together with DS Dansuk, we ask for your continued interest and encouragement in our innovations and challenges to create a sustainable future for DS Dansuk. Thank you.


CEO and Chairperson of DS Dansuk