Bio Energy

Bio Diesel

The core of future industries and eco-friendly energy to help save our earth

1. Product Characteristics

Next generation energy characterized by performance of fuels compared to light oil, complete compatibility with previous diesel cars and excellent lubrication
No emission of SO2 which is the main cause of acid rain, reduction of cancer-causing agents such as CO, HC, and other exhaust gases, and use of eco-friendly fuel with biodegradable features

2. Intended Use

Light oil cars
Construction heavy equipment

Bio heavy oil

Driving force of the next generation, bio heavy oil

1. Product Characteristics

  • Compatibility

    Usable in existing heavy oil development facilities
  • Economics

    Cost savings in degreasing desulfurization process due to low sulfur content
  • Eco

    Eco-friendly energy through reduction in greenhouse gases

2. Intended use

Thermal power and industrial generating stations
Industrial boilers

Bio Marine Fuel

Eco Friendly Ship Fuel Oil Contributing to Greenhouse Gas Reduction

1. Characteristics of the Product

The eco-friendly fuel is designed to completely replace the B-C fuel used in the existing B-C-based vessels. The fuel, manufactured using 100% biogenic components with ultra-low sulfur content, produces less CO2 than existing fuels when used with the vessels while maintaining compliance with the ISO quality standards for existing marine fuels.

2. Purpose of the product

Marine fuel