Battery Recycle

Pure lead

First step in master plan for recycling complex

1. Product Characteristics

Pb Min 99.97% , utilize used batteries and Lead Scrap as raw materials Appearance : Bundle(42 x Ingot) or Jumbo Type

2. Intended use

Raw materials for hydrocerussite in automotive batteries and various industrial batteries
wire sheaths, radiation shielding materials, solders
materials produced by oxidation of lead (Litharge, Red Lead)

Lead Alloy

Leading material in eco-friendly urban mining

1. Product Characteristics

Lead-antimony alloy(Sb Alloy), lead-calcium alloy(Ca Alloy)
The contents of Sb and Ca shall be agreed upon with clients

2. Intended use

Plates and connecting terminals for lead storage batteries
Product Name Appearance Specifications Packing Unit
Pure lead INGOT / JUMBO Pb 99.97% min Ingot ? Bundle (42 Ingots)
Ingot ? Net Weight 1,050Kg
Ingot ? Bending : PE/Iron
Jumbo ? Net Weight 1,000Kg
Lead-antimony alloy Agreed upon with clients
Lead calcium alloy