Introduction to Research InstituteIntroduction

Dansuk Industrial, New Step by
the R&D Center toward a New Future
Dansuk Industrial’s R&D Center will join in Korea's new journey for the transition from a country
that imports resources to a country that exports them.

Introduction to the Research InstituteResearch Field

  • Functional Solid Materials

    LDH, organic LDH, MOS-whisker
  • Artificial Intelligence Technology (AI+IBCM)

    ESS, block chain, electrochromic glass,discovery of new businesses
  • Bio-energy

    Bio heavy oil, bio diesel
  • Engineering Plastics

    PA, PBT, PPS
  • Urban Mining

    Lithium renewable battery recycling

R&D Center

Main developments Major Development Items


We strive to strengthen the competitiveness of previous business based on the development of various additives for plastics and production process research. We are in the middle of developing and producing non-toxic plastic thermal stabilizers, additives for fibers, catalyst, Polyolefin neutralizing agents, and high-functioning fillers.


We are developing and producing VRFB ESS, keeping pace with the expansion of the ESS market led by the 2030 emission reduction target, discontinuing the establishment of new fossil fuel power plants, and the expansion of new and renewable energy power plants.

Bio heavy oil

Bio heavy oil is a big contributor to the nation’s new and renewable energy supply policy (RPS; Renewable Portfolio Standard), and we are currently developing bio diesel production technology through bio diesel by-products and pretreatment synthesis technology for waste resources (waste oil and glycerin).

Engineering Plastics (PA, PBT, PPS)

Based on differentiated technical skills, we aim to satisfy our clients’ needs through our research by developing EP and S-EP that implements independent performances and applying it in the automobile and electrical electronics fields to create exceptional value.

Introduction to the Energy Storage SystemENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM

What is the Energy Storage System (ESS)?

It is a system that stores generated electricity into a container (e.g., battery) and then supplies it when necessary to increase efficiency. It can also improve electricity quality by storing overproduced electricity and supplying it on demand in case of temporary shortage.


  • Microrid - Supplement for power and peaks in Energy Zero Zones
  • New & renewable connection - Supplement for output generated by wind and/or solar power systems
  • Small communication base station - For independent power generation and energy storage without an electric grid
  • Industrial and household - Reduction in electricity charges by applying different rates
  • Generator and demand acceptance - Massive electrical power storage for peak-load stations

What is a Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB)?

It is a type of rechargeable flow battery that employs vanadium ions in different oxidation states to store chemical potential energy which accumulates electric energy by using the oxidation-reduction potential of metal ions flowing in electrolytes. It converts and stores the electrical energy of electrolytes into chemical energy, and uses and converts energy into electrical energy through Stack. Stack consists of a current collector, electrodes, fluid flow channel, and separator.

Main features of flow batteries

  VRFB Lithium battery
Lifecycle 20 years + 7~10 years
Dangers No danger of fire or/and explosion Vulnerable to fire or/and explosion
Efficiency 70% + 85% +

VRFB Structure


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