Sustainable management

ESG management

DS DANSUK aims to become a company trusted and respected by the stakeholders by creating sustainable economic values and contributing to solving social problems in accordance with UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs).

Sustainable Management System

DS DANSUK values business communication with stakeholders and emphasizes economic performance and social and environmental performance management (ESG management).
For this, the company intends to implement social responsibility management by establishing four ESG strategies and promoting consistent principles, systems, and practices.

  • Environment

  • Social

  • Governance

ESG Strategy

  • Carbon Neutrality

    (Net Zero)

    Biodiesel / HVO

    Bio-heavy fuel / Marine Fuel

    PCR / 폐자원 리사이클링

  • People-Centered Management


    고객 만족 / 동반성장

    산업안전 중시

    종업원 워라밸, 복리후생

  • Realization of Social Values

    (Social Value)

    장학회 운영

    지역사회 기부

    해외 거점 국가 봉사

  • Reasonable Governance Structure


    반부패, 투명경영 원칙

    독립적, 객관적 이사회

    윤리경영 선포 및 실천

  • Carbon Neutrality

    DS DANSUK's bioenergy contributes to reducing global greenhouse gases and carbon emissions. Bio-heavy fuel supplied as the fuel for power generation largely reduces the emission of air-polluting substances, and biodiesel mixed in the general diesel for automobiles surely is an environment-friendly fuel that reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and particulate matter.
    DS DANSUK will continue to actively promote bio marine fuel and air fuel, PCR business, and secondary battery recycling business to achieve carbon neutrality.

  • People-Centered Management

    DS DANSUK pursues coexistence and co-prosperity of all related workers based on the idea of 'capitalism of stakeholders.' The company will strive to create a market that provides customer satisfaction and customization, joint growth with its partners, and promote people-centered management by emphasizing industrial safety, workers' work-life balance, and welfare benefits.

  • Realization of Social Values

    As a corporate citizen, DS DANSUK intends to live and grow together with society and demonstrate leadership that leads to social values. The company will gradually expand its social value creation activities, such as support for the vulnerable through scholarships, community donations, and volunteer activities in major overseas countries.

  • Reasonable Governance Structure

    DS DANSUK makes anti-corruption and transparent management the principle of its corporate management. Along with the independent and objective decision-making system of the board of directors, the company seeks to equip itself with a reasonable governance structure by operating advisory bodies under the board of directors and appointing external advisors.
    In addition, the company has officially declared ethical management and is striving to secure transparency and fairness with the active participation of all executives and employees.