Sustainable management

Ethical Management

DS DANSUK aims to establish a healthy corporate culture that is trusted and mutually respected by the stakeholders through the development of substantial ethical management activities.

Ethical Management System

DS DANSUK declared 2021 as the first year of strengthening its ethical management. The company promoted ethical pledges of all executives and employees to establish proper ethics in the company and habituated ethical management by distributing the anti-corruption and ethical management guidelines and conducting education and briefing sessions on compliance and ethical management. In addition, the company intends to internalize ethical management and establish an internal control system by establishing a report center and operating an organization dedicated to ethical management.

  • The pursuit of
    an ethical anti-corruption management

  • Transparent
    corporate culture

  • Habituation of
    ethical management

  • Securement of
    trust of stakeholders

  • Internalization of
    ethical management

Habituate ethical management

(up to 2022)

Establish and settle the basis for ethical management

Guide and inspect compliance with the code of ethics

Fulfill and educate social responsibilities

Review implementation of internal/external evaluation

Internalize ethical management

(2023 onwards)

Expand and autonomously practice organizational culture

Audit ethical management

Jumpstart online report system

Expand fulfillment of social responsibilities

Ethical Management Road-Map